The first-of-its-kind attempt by 20 nations to phase out coal.


Guwahati/ 17th November’2017 (Prag News Desk): A coalition of nations comprising of  20 nations and even a US state on Thursday announced commitments to phase out the traditional coal power on such a massive scale. After the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement, managing to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees Celsius by cutting greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, this  kind of attempt is a significant attempt.

Rachel Kyte, CEO of advocacy group Sustainable Energy for All, said that “The operation of energy transition is being carried out gradually as per the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, it is going in a rapid pace is a brilliant step, as it is  the most polluting of traditional energy sources”.

Besides, the partners in the Powering Past Coal Alliance are working together to accelerate clean growth and climate protection, added the Canadian government.

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