Himachal Pradesh exhibits data, shows more than 50% rape victims are minors.


Guwahati/ 1st December’2017 (Prag News Desk): In Himachal Pradesh, minors seem to be victims of rape. It has been appeared in the data compiled by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) that so far 148 teenagers are rape victims out of 258 victims. Those victims consisting of more than 50% , are below the age of 18. The teenagers in the state have been suffering from shock and remain under pressure.

According to the data, 150 of the 284 rape victims in Himachal were below the age of 18, including five below the age of six in the year 2015.

Additionally, the NCRB bears the data that six victims were below six years of age, 13 were under 12, 67 below 16, and 69 below 18 years of age. Including Himachal, Punjab is also the state in north region, where same situation seems to happen.


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