Abortions in India is 20 times more than estimated…


Guwahati/13th December’2017 (Prag News Desk): Each year nearly 15.6 million abortions takes place in India with a maximum number of women taking contraceptive pills at home without having adequate knowledge which calls for more learned doctors in public hospitals.

A New-York based Guttmacher research institute discovered that abortions are more than 22 times than the government’s estimate of less than 700,000 terminations, processed by centering on state-run hospitals and clinics.

It is found that 80 percent of abortions took place using drugs like mifepristone and misoprostol, 14 percent were surgically done in hospitals and clinic, and 5 percent were conducted using other unsafe practices.

According to a study, women in India face many challenges obtaining abortions due to unavailability of proper treatment.

More than 48 million pregnancies were unplanned, and a third resulted in abortions, the study said, using 2015 abortion pill sales and distribution data and surveys of six highly populated states.

It is found in a research, about three in four abortions were done using drugs from local vendors, rather than from the hospitals. The public sector being the main source of healthcare for rural and poor women, manages only a quarter of abortions, mainly because many hospitals and clinics do not  provide abortion services.

This information provides the policymakers about the essentially of designing and effective implementation of reproductive health care programs in the nation.

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