Google is opening an artificial intelligence center in Asia…


Guwahati/13th December’2017 (Prag News Desk): Google has chosen Beijing as the location for its first artificial intelligence research center in Asia despite its many services has been blocked.
China’s internet borders are deprived of  the Great Firewall, and most of Google’s products like Gmail and YouTube have been blocked by the country’s largest censorship apparatus for years.

Google left China in the year 2010. But the country’s vast internet users makes it impossible to keep a blind eye. Google has made will rebuild these platforms.
Earlier this year Google’s artificial intelligence unit DeepMind collaborated with Chinese authorities to organize a five-day festival in the country. The event’s main focus was on a human-versus-computer showdown in the ancient game of Go.

It is just after Beijing set out its ambitions for the fast-forward developing technology, declaring its inception soon for domestic artificial intelligence industry in the years which is nearly worth $150 billion.
China aims to have the superpower in an industry which will significantly shape the future of the human race.
Vladimir Putin, Russian President estimated that whoever becomes the leader in artificial intelligence will become the ruler of the world.

Although, Google might face some tricky situations.The Chinese government is aggressively using artificial intelligence for surveillance of its citizens, raising concerns among human rights groups.
And Chinese artificial intelligence experts might face some trouble retrieving all the information that Google offers about the technology. A search engine, for academic literature ‘Google Scholar’ is blocked in China.

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