Women get less credit than Men: A study says…


Guwahati/16th December’2017 (Prag News Desk): A study has found that women receives less credit for raising their voice in the workplace than their male counterparts.

Kyle Emich, from the University of Delaware in the US said, it was observed that men get more attention and respect when they come up with their ideas on how to change their team for the betterment of their team. Since speaking up indicates knowledge of the task at hand and concern for the well-being of the team.

“Alternatively, when women speak up for the same they do not receive any appreciation  and thus are not seen as viable leadership options,” Emich said.

In the study published in the Academy of Management Journal, Emich said that when it comes to leadership in a team, they always prefer men.

On average in 10 person teams, Emich said, men who speak up more than two-thirds of their teammates are voted to be the No. 2 candidate to take on team leadership.

On the other hand women who speak up the same amount are voted to be the No. 8 candidate.

Further, in the team’s second study, it is found that men are likely to receive more credits then women who gives the exact same idea as men.

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