Do men and women see and write history differently? A report…


Guwahati/ 30th December’2017 (Prag News Desk): Documenting and reversing history is a fervent work. One must go through a thorough study with proper details of dates, details, events and names.

Studying the past, historians seek relevance in the present. Whether in the West or India, history has been mostly written by men. It is only recently that the past has been reflected through the lens of the woman historian.

Women has introduced a new form, insight and sensitivity that were missing in the largely male-centric voicing of history.

This is not to categorise women and men in terms of writing  historical piece.

Also men and women don’t necessarily write history in opposing ways.  

Similarities in both their styles and approach can viewed. However, a broad observation of the craft of history writing would reveal that there are ways in which men and women differ in articulating the past, largely reflective of the social training the two genders receive during their formative years.

Author Annie Zaidi in her recent book, Unbound: 2000 years of Indian women’s writing, elaborate that women bring to their writing the truth of their bodies, and an enquiry into the different ways in which gender inequity frames human experience and hamper lives.


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