50 year old married woman in Baksa raped

Women rape

Guwahati/17th April’2018 (Prag News Desk):

Rape does not constitute age. Women have been apprehended far beyond their age. Rapes have occurred in all age groups. Shamelessness has gone beyond age definition. Sexual roughs have even disgusted the word ‘rough’ as even children are now getting targeted for their lusts. Young Asifa and many other young girls like her have been brutally raped, tortured and murdered by psychopaths in the past and are still lingering around in the society freely and willfully.

In yet another horrendous incident reported from Salmora village of Baksa region of Assam, a 50 year old married woman was reportedly raped by the accused Rafiqul Bhuyan. The victim is currently undergoing treatment in an undisclosed medical facility.

According to the reports, the victim was in her home while her husband was away from work. Sighting this as an appropriate chance, the accused Rafiqul Bhuyan, who was keeping an eye on the victim’s house for so long, knocked at the door of the victim’s house. The victim, unknowingly opened the door, and the accused entered the house, attacking the lonely and helpless woman.

Rafiqul Bhuyan has been arrested by the Baksa Police. Further interrogation is being conducted to understand the motive of the accused behind this heinous crime.

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