Assamese Students Bullied in Chandigarh University

North East students discriminated

Guwahati/ 17th April’2018 (Prag News Desk):

Incidents of discrimination against North East people seem not to douse in the coming days. In yet another incident reported from Chandigarh University, a group of Assamese students studying in the prestigious institution have complained to the police of bullying and violent physical attacks on them.

As per reports, a group of North Indian Students allegedly attacked a group of around 20 Assamese students studying in Chandigarh University on Monday night, while critically injuring many of them. Many of the critically injured are going intensive treatment in Chandigarh’s medical facility.

It has been informed that medical facilities were provided to the injured students by the University.

However, the students who attacked the Assamese students have been rusticated by the University authorities who have further strengthened the security in and around the University premises.

Assamese students in Chandigarh University have confirmed that the attack had nothing to do with Rongali Bihu celebrations.

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