Tickets on Premium Trains slashed after GST fixed at 5 per cent


Guwahati/ 17th April’2018 (Prag News Desk):

Fares on premium train services such as Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi Express have been slashed, after government capped GST at 5 per cent. GST charged on food items have been slashed to nominal prices.

From Monday April 16, 2018, food and drink articles sold on trains and platforms by Indian Railways and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have come down. Plus the added cost if ticket for premium trains which includes the price of meals too will come down.

The announcement comes after finance ministry’s clarification that the GST applicable on food and drinks that is served to passengers on trains and even on platforms and railway stations by IRCTC will be at a uniform 5 per cent. Earlier, it was 18 per cent.

This price slashing is bringing smiles to customers who till now were charged well over the nominal amount. The significant cut may bring the price down by Rs 40-Rs 60, depending on the class of travel and distance.

The move is going to hit the exploitative profiteering of railway licensees who used to sell same products at different prices and charge exorbitant rates. Such discrimination in prices often led to exploitative confusion.

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