The enigma of Mekhela Sador | Bollywood Divas love for Assam Silk

Bollywood Divas love for Assam Silk

Guwahati/ 15th May’2018 (Prag News Desk):

World famous Assamese silk woven clothes and garments have always been the favorites among the diaspora as well as non Assamese community too. Bollywood too has never shied away from flaunting the exquisite Mekhela Sador, which has truly become the identity marker of the Assamese community.

No wonder, our Bollywood queens have been reigning the industry both in Indian and International circuit, raising up the ante in Fashion insignia. What catches the eyes of the Assamese community most is the nicely draped Mekhela Sador flaunted by the Bollywood Divas

Paparazzi go crazy when they see their Bollywood divas elegantly draped in Assam’s traditional Mekhela Sador.

There have been many moments when paparazzi has caught Bollywood divas flaunting the Assamese traditional attire both on and off screen, thus making Mekhela Sador the most loved traditional attire worn by Divas.

Right from Ex Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to the present actresses like Katrina Kaif and Zareene Khan, actresses from the past to future have adorned the intricately hand woven Mekhela Sador in almost all events.


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