Rockybul Hussain converts his black money to white in an International casino

Rocky and Raja

Guwahati/ 17th May’2018 (Prag News Desk):

In the ongoing tussle between Ex-Minister Rockybul Hussain and Congress leader Anil raja, the latter made a sensational remark about Rockybul Hussain that the later converted hi s black money to white in an International Casino by acquiring fake casino certificates from a world-famous casino at Macau in China.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday in Guwahati, Anil Raja has alleged that Rockybul Husain along with his wife, son and another businessman from Guwahati had gone to Macau on May 5. Raja further claimed that Rockybul and others had gone to Macau for the world famous Venetian Casinos of the luxurious hotels there.

“Husain stayed in such a luxurious hotel with Venetian Casinos on May5 because these casinos issue certificates legalizing any requested amount of money in return of a fixed percentage. Whenever a citizen of a particular country returns back to his country, he can produce that particular certificate before the Revenue and Income tax officials who will deduct a tax from the amount and rest can be taken into the country as white money,” said Raja.

Anil Raja further alleged that Rockybul Husain, wary on the ongoing income tax operation against him, has transformed black money to white money in the same way with the help of the businessman from Guwahati. If the businessman from Guwahati is brought under the ambit of investigation and questioned, everything will become clear he added.

While Rockybul Husain’s comments on these serious allegations made by Anil Raja are still awaited.

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