BJP MLA asked to prove Citizenship by Foreigner’s Tribunal

BJP MLA asked to prove his Citizenship by Foreigner’s Tribunal

Guwahati/ 18th May’2018 (Prag News Desk):

Owing to the state’s preparation for the final draft of the National Register of Citizen (NRC) another sensational incident took place in Barak Valley’s Cachar after BJP MLA from Bakhola constituency was served with a notice by the Foreigner’s Tribunal.

The Foreigner’s Tribunal has served a notice suspected the BJP MLA Kishore Nath and six members of his family to be doubtful voters. The Foreigner’s Tribunal No 1, Cachar sent the notice to the BJP MLA this morning.

The Foreigner’s Tribunal has sent notices to Nath’s wife Nilima Nath, his four brothers Matilal Nath, Pradip Nath, Jagdish Nath, Manik Nath and sister in law Rakhi Nath.

Kishore Nath along with his family members will soon have to appear before an FT judge in order to prove that they are citizens of India. If they fail to prove their citizenship then there are chances that legal actions might be initiated against them.



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