Large-Scale gold mining witnessed near Arunachal Pradesh Border by Chinese Men

Gold Mining ByChinese Men in Arunachal pradesh


Large-Scale gold mining witnessed near Arunachal Pradesh Border by Chinese Men

A sensational media report has surfaced claiming that China has now begun large-scale mining operations on its side of the border which it shares with the Northeastern state Arunachal Pradesh, where a huge natural deposit of gold, silver and other minerals valuing worth $60 billion has been found.

Gold minig by Chinese men in Arunachal

Sources informed that China claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of the southern Tibet and has undertaken the mine project in Lhunze County under Chinese control which is adjacent to the Indian border.

The report also claims that people who have a fair deal of knowledge about the project are of the opinion that the mines are part of an ambitious plan laid by Beijing to reclaim south Tibet (Arunachal Pradesh).


As per reports, it is believed that projecting the mining operations is a part of China’s move to take over Arunachal Pradesh.

According to media report, mining has been going on in the world’s highest mountain range for thousands of years, moreover, the challenge of accessing the remote terrain and concerns about environmental damage had until now limited the extent of the activities.

mining in Arunachal

Reports also claim that the most precious metals which include rare earths that are being generally used to make hi-tech products are hidden under the Lhunze County.

The data also stated that by the end of 2017, the scale mining activity in Lhunze had reportedly been very high as compared to all other areas in Tibet.

Enormous, deep tunnels have been dug into the mountains along the military confrontation line, allowing thousands of tonnes of ore to be loaded and transported out by trucks daily, along roads built through every village.

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