Beware citizens: SIM swap fraudsters on the loose

SIM swap


SIM swap fraudsters on the loose

Majuli police on Tuesday appealed its citizens to be cautious of unknown calls made when the network is weak or extremely Zero.

SIM swap fraud is the latest tool used by the online imposters to secure details of your credit cards, bank accounts and others for fraudulent financial transactions. Several cases have already been reported to Majuli Police.

By using SIM Swap formula, the online imposters hack our mobile phones and retrieve the confidential information to get access to our bank accounts.

Sharing more about the fraud, Majuli police stated that a person will face network issues and then he or she will receive a call from a person who will disguise as a telecom operator.

“The person disguised as a telecom operator will ask you to press 1 on your mobile phone to restore network connectivity. Once the user presses 1, the network will again become weak or zero and the imposters will hack your mobile and thus retrieve your confidential data. The user will not be aware as within minutes all the money in the bank accounts will be transacted,” said Hitesh Roy, Superintendent of Police, Majuli.

Roy further shared that after receiving complaints from a large number of people, police is now trying to create awareness among the people on how to take precautionary steps to avoid being a victim of SIM swap fraud.

“I urge the people to be careful while using online banking system and sharing your confidential bank data with unrecognized individuals,” he added.


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