Assam Brahmin Samaj to Zubeen Garg: “You are a characterless drunkard”



Assam Brahmin Samaj to Zubeen Garg: “You are a characterless drunkard”

Assam’s Brahmin Samaj has openly criticized Assam’s heartthrob and singing sensation Zubeen Garg for his alleged statements over stopping animal sacrifice, the sacred thread (logun) and the Brahmin community in general, the All Assam Brahman Samaj stated that Zubeen should “strictly mind his business”.

While speaking to the press on Zubeen’s stand on protecting animals and demanding the abolishment of animal sacrifices taking place in Assam, Pabitra Kumar Sharma, executive member, All Assam Brahmin Samaj said, “He (Zubeen) is a drunkard and a characterless person. He has no quality of a Brahman. Who is he to question the age old practice of animal sacrifice at the Kamakhya Temple?”

Assam Brahman Samaj criticizes Zubeen Garg

“He (Zubeen) is hallucinating. By stating that there is no value of the sacred thread, he has insulted the entire Brahman Samaj. We don’t need his suggestions or feedbacks. He is not our guardian. This is his regular trend to speak about irrelevant issues in public meets. He wants power,” he added.

All Assam Brahmin Samaj held a meeting about Zubeen’s statements on Wednesday.

Sharma further stated, “Zubeen also said during a programme that he has made a film where he will be snapping off the sacred thread. If it’s true, we will be bound to take legal action against him.”


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