Zubeen Garg takes to Instagram | Show his angst against “Bali Bidhaan”

Zubeen Garg takes to instagram


Zubeen Garg takes to Instagram

Singing Sensation Zubeen Garg took to his personal Instagram account to show his angst against “Bali Bidhaan” or simply animal sacrifice ritual in the temples of Assam.

Zubeen Garg takes to Instagram, Show his angst against “Bali Bidhaan”

Zubeen recently called for an end to the ritual of animal sacrifice at the Kamakhya temple. While performing at a function near the temple, he expressed his anguish over animal sacrifice and said that the practice must end. Following his statements over stopping animal sacrifice, the sacred thread (logun) and the Brahmin community in general, the All Assam Brahmin Samaj criticized Zubeen and warned him to “strictly mind his own business”.

Zubeen Garg shows his angst against “Bali Bidhaan”

On Saturday, Zubeen posted on his Facebook timeline: “Stand against animal sacrifice in mandirs. I love all religions but have seen killing animals only in some mandirs. Mandir doesn’t need blood. It needs devotion. The thought should be converted to reality. Its 21st century. I want to see if they can sacrifice a cow in mandir, a buffalo and a cow are from the same genre. They help us in cultivating and they give us milk but our so called pundits or Purohits they love buffalos to eat as prashad. If they have guts kill a cow and eat infront of me…. love my earth!! (sic).”

He also posted photographs where he is seen to be posing with a “recued” baby Cattle egret (bogoli).

It may be noted, Zubeen will receive a ‘Hero to Animals Award’ from people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India for calling out to end animal sacrifice in temples.

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