Sensational: Youth threatens to “sacrifice” Akhil Gogoi on Facebook

Youth threatens to sacrifice akhil gogoi on facebook


Youth threatens to “sacrifice” Akhil Gogoi on Facebook

One Dibya Jyoti Hazarika has threatened to kill “traitor” Akhil Gogoi, a firebrand peasant leader. Further abusing Gogoi, Hazarika also posted offensive updates against him. In one such Facebook post, Hazarika compared Gogoi with a goat and stated that “he will sacrifice him someday”. Later he deleted the Facebook post.

India is a democratic country where its laws and regulations as well as rights give us the utmost freedom to speak our mind even on the public platform but following the most humane and logical path in trying to convey your mind.

Youth threatens to “sacrifice” Akhil Gogoi on Facebook

Same way social media has become a platform for new grounds to abuse and threaten people.

According to his Facebook bio, Hazarika claimed that he is the president of the Rudra Sena, Assam-a self-defined Hindu nationalist group. He studied at the Jorhat Govt Boys’ HS and MP School and now stays in Guwahati, as per his Facebook bio.

On June 4 night, Hazarika posted an offensive video targeting Gogoi on Facebook. Till the filing of this report, the video was liked by 1.3 lakh netizens and was shared by 1,119 users.

In the video, Hazarika mimicked Gogoi and hurled a series of abuses on him. Calling him a deshdrohi (traitor), Hazarika asked why Gogoi is against the Hindu-Bangladeshis’ settlement in Assam. Hazarika also asked whether the satra lands were encroached by the Muslim-Bangladeshis or Hindu-Bangladeshis.

Supporting the controversial proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, Hazarika asked Gogoi to read the Bill “properly”. He also labeled Gogoi as an “enemy of Assam and India as a whole’.

Hazarika also stated in the video that Gogoi is “free to file an FIR against him” and mentioned that he is not scared. He also warned Gogoi not to “politicize” the Hindu-Bangladeshi issue and also mentioned that “we are all Hindu’.

Hazarika also asked Gogoi to “go to Bangladesh”.

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