“There is a kid inside the car”- A rumour that killed two innocent lives in Karbi Anglong



“There is a kid inside the car”


A fake social media rumour accompanied with loud noises of some uneducated, blood thirsty mongrels shouting “Puwali aase garir bhitorot (there is a kid inside the car)”, was enough to get angry young men from Karbi Anglong’s Panjuri Kachari together to stop and check the Scorpio in which both the innocent victims- Abhijeet Nath and Nilotpal Das were travelling.

The two victims-Abhijeet and Nilotpal – travelling in a black Scorpio, were stopped at around 7:30 pm on Friday by the locals of the Panjuri Kachari village, mere minutes after rumours spread through phone-calls that allegedly originated from Kangthilangso, a neighboring village where Nath and Das visited a waterfall earlier.

An uneasy calm blanketing in Karbi Anglong post mob lynching incident

According to some eye witness in Karbi Anglong’s Panjuri Kachari Village, locals who had surrounded Nath and Das demanded they open the doors and get out. The crowd kept growing and more and more young men from nearby villages started crowding the car.

Soon after the victims were pulled out of their car and the men surrounding them started thrashing them with whatever items they got hold of. According to a 55 year old woman, she could hear men shouting “Hopadhora”, but she thought better to stay within her house and not to step put until she gets to know the real truth.


Around 500 men had gathered at the place where both the victims had already fallen under the clasps of those blood thirsty men, who due to their lack of humanity and proper info on the identities of the victims as well as the fake message which had circulated in the region from a social media app had instigated a such a massive mob lynching.

What has happened is extremely unpardonable” says one local who doesn’t want his identity to be made public. AS per reports, there were even some men who came forward to stop the mob lynching, as no kid was found from the car. People who even destroyed the Scorpio in which Nath and Das were travelling found some clothes, papers, ID proofs and lots of chocolates which might have forced the mob lynchers to think that these two youths were “hopadhoras”. But then why such gruesome killing by taking laws in their hands without any proper information and acting on a fake rumor?


Fake messages on Facebook or WhatsApp might fool many which in turn might instigate a massive violence like in this Karbi Anglong Case. Nilotpal and Abhijeet will not return, but one cannot expect to wait for a second mob lynching incident in which due to scarcity of proper info might take off an innocent’s life.

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