Big Breaking | Main accused behind Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident arrested

Main accused behind Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident arrested


Main accused behind Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident arrested

In a major breakthrough, the Assam Police have arrested one of the main accused of the barbaric Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident on late Tuesday night.

Karbi Anglong Police have arrested Alphajoz Timung- who was allegedly on the run after instigating the mob to attack the two innocent Guwahati boys on June 8.

On June 8, two friends Nilotpal Das (29), a sound engineer, and Abhijeet Nath (30), a businessman – travelling in a black SUV, were stopped at around 7:30 pm by the local villagers of Panjuri Kacharigaon under Dokmoka Police Station, Karbi Anglong. They were dragged out of their vehicle and brutally beaten to death by the locals – after they were “intimated” by someone” about the “boys buying lots of chocolate” and “presence of an abducted child” inside the car through a phone-call, that allegedly originated from Kangthilangso, a neighboring village where the boys visited a waterfall earlier in the day.

Main accused behind Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident arrested

The one who first “intimated” the locals about the “suspected child-lifters” is allegedly Timung. As per reports, it was Timung who “alerted and intimated” the local Panjuri villagers about the Guwahati boys and asked them to stop the “black car”. Following the reports, the Assam Police had launched a manhunt to trace Timung, who was on the run, as per reports.

According to sources, two years back, Timung was allegedly involved in the
Talobani-style” killing of one Mithu Das n Dengaon, Karbi Anglong.

On June 8, at around 4 pm, the Guwahati boys bought chocolates from a local grocery shop at Dengaon before heading towards Kangthilangso. While moving towards Kangthilangso, the boys reportedly asked one local youth about the directions to the waterfall in Kangthilangso. Upon reaching the waterfall location at Kangthilangso, they started to look out for ornamental fish.

Reportedly, as soon as the boys reached the waterfall, the locals received “a call” about the presence of two “suspicious boys”, one of the sporting Rastafarian dreadlocks and dressed in “unusual” clothes. The locals “were told” that the boys were searching “for something” near a water body. The news spread like wildfire – across the area – which was already in the grip of fear over fake messages on child-lifters.

The call was allegedly made by Timung to a local villager.

While returning back from Kangthilangso, “as per instructions”, the boys were stopped by enraged locals near the Panjuri Tinali at around 7:30 pm and were attacked and killed mercilessly. Police reached the spot at around 8:45 pm after receiving intimation from the Village Defence party. Nilotpal died on the spot and Abhijeet died on his way to the hospital. Their faces were distorted “beyond recognition”, shared family members in Guwahati.

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