What happened at Kanthilangso that lead to Nilotpal and Abhijeet’s death?

Altercation at Kangthilangso that lead to Nilotpal and Abhijeet's death


The Kangthilangso Altercation that lead to Nilotpal and Abhijeet’s death

In further turn of events, it has come to light now that the main accused in the Karbi Anglong incident, Alphajos Timung allegedly knew that the two youths from Guwahati weren’t actually ‘child abductors’ and Timung purposely called up villagers nearby saying that ‘he has seen two child abductors in a black car fleeing from the area with a child’.

According to highly placed police sources, Alphajos Timung allegedly first got into a small altercation with Nilotpal and Abhijeet from Guwahati near the Kangthilangso waterfall. Nilotpal and Abhijeet tried to avoid him but then Timung brought more of his friends and tried to get into a fight with the two youths from Guwahati. Fearing deterioration of the situation, Nilotpal and Abhijeet left the place.

At this point, Timung allegedly called up some people of the Panjuri village of Dengaon stating that he has seen two child abductors escaper from the Kangthilangso area with a child in a black car. He also repeatedly called up the villagers there to stop and attack the ‘child abductors’.

Timung allegedly used the recent viral messages of ‘child kidnapping’ to fulfill his own enmity as his ‘planned’ phone call about child abductors got maximum reaction owing to the already tense situation in the region.

In 2012, Timung had allegedly got two youths lynched after spreading rumours that they are UPDS militants. In 2014, he was allegedly involved in the killing of one Mithu Das.

Meanwhile, high officials of the Assam Police are grilling Alphajos Timung for more details, as his report is being filed. Earlier, in a major breakthrough, the Assam police arrested Alphajos Timung, one of the main accused of the barbaric Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident on late Tuesday night. Timung was arrested from Bheloghat Beygaon under Dokmoka Police Station in Karbi Anglong.

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