After Karbi Anglong, woman beaten to death in Dima Hasao on suspicion of being a child lifter

Dima Hasao Mob Lynching
Victim's body recovered


After the sensational mob lynching incident in Karbi Anglong, another similar nerve wrecking incident has come to light in Dima Hasao.

As per reports, a woman on suspicion of being a child-lifter was beaten to death by around three miscreants on Monday night in central Assam’s Haflong under Hasao district.

The victim has been identified to be a Nepali woman and also alleged to have been raped before beaten to death.

On Monday night, the miscreants taking advantage of the dark reportedly dragged the women to an isolated place and committed the heinous crime.

Following the incident, the police have picked up three accused miscreants. However, the prime accused is still on the run.

Few days ago, two youths from Guwahati, Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath were brutally lynched by a mob in Karbi Anglong on suspicion of being Xupadhora (child-abductors). Their deaths have created utmost outrage not only in Assam, but also across International Borders.

People as far as from England, Russia and Thailand are condemning the incident which shows the state’s digressing mindset even in the 21st century. Superstitions and rumors, it seems still rule the minds of people even after claiming to be technically and theoretically educated.

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