Beware! Acid rain in Goalpara

Acid rain in Goalpara


Acid rain in Goalpara

Adjoining areas of Dudhnoi in Goalpara district and others have experienced torrential rains in the past few days which locals claim to be “muddy” and “acidic” in nature.

Locals claim, after the showers stopped, people could see residues left back on their window panes, tree leaves, and clothes etc which look as if the area has just received a heavy shower of acid rain.

Showers of ‘Muddy Acid” rain in Goalpara

Locals have claimed that the fumes and dirt particles from the huge number of industries in the area have led to the ‘acid’ in the rain. A few cases of skin irritation were also reported by the residents of Dudhnoi after the showers which have led them to believe that the ‘muddy’ consistency is because of the presence of ‘acid’ in the rain.

In order to check just what is happening, locals tried harvesting the rainwater in different vessels, the noticed siltation or deposits of some grainy and powdery substance which has now led to people getting scared of going out in the rain fearing the ‘muddy’ showers might actually be ‘acid rain’.

Experts however, say the strong dust storm blowing across the Thar Desert in Rajasthan for the past few days have gradually travelled across the Indo-Gangetic plains to enter the atmosphere of the region due to the westerly winds, resulting in mud rain not only in places in Assam but also, reportedly, over a few places in Nepal. They also said that the ‘muddy’ rain was neither a rare event nor a dangerous weather phenomenon.

Samples of the collected ‘muddy’ rain have been sent for lab testing to confirm the main reason behind its constituents. The samples have been respectively sent to Boko Sub-Divisional Public health Department and results are expected By Monday.


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