Breaking: Assam Police ‘Spies” informed ULFA-I commanders about imminent raid



Assam Police ‘Spies” informed ULFA-I commanders about imminent raid

In a shocking revelation reporting right from Tinsukia district in Bordumsa encounter where Sub-Inspector Bhaskar Kalita was allegedly killed in a heavy gun-fight that ensued between ULFA and Assam Police, it has come to light that ‘spies’ of Assam Police had double-crossed the Police and had informed ULFA-I about the imminent raid on the house they were taking shelter at Bordumsa under Tinsukia district.

This sensational revelation/allegation was made in a recent video uploaded by ULFA-I on Facebook. In the video, nine cadres, dressed in camouflage, carrying assault rifles and backpacks, are heard saying how the “Assam Police made a fool of itself”. As per sources, the video was recorded after the ‘Bordumsa ULFA-I and Police encounter episode’ and the cadres are discussing the particular encounter in the video.

One of the cadres said in the video, “See… Assam Police made a fool of itself…their spies were actually our people who informed us and saved us not them…we also got some bullets and a new weapon…we profited…w should test the new weapon…”

Following the conversation, two of cadres also “test fired” the weapon they seized during the attack by blank firing in the air-“targeting the Assam Police” – while others were seen lazying around on the ground. The area where the video was shot was covered with greenery and is assumed that it is one of the camps in the jungles along the Myanmar-China border.

It is to be noted that the cadres were speaking in typical Assamese spoken in Upper Assam and some parts of the video were not audible.

It was reported earlier that Bhaskar Kalita, the officer-in-charge of Bordumsa police station, was killed during an ‘encounter’ on May 4 at Kujupathar under Bordumsa police station in upper Assam’s Tinsukia district.

The ULFA-I rebels were reportedly taking shelter in the house of one Ranjan Bora. A police team led by Kalita, had reportedly reached the spot after receiving a tip-off.

The sensational revelation made in the ULFA-I video now points to the fact that this ‘tip-off’ was actually a trap which OC Kalita had stepped in by believing the police informers who in turn had warned the cadres taking shelter in the house. It seems when OC Kalita reached the spot, they were already ready for him.

Kalita was hit nine times on the chest by bullets fired from a very close range and two of them had passed through his bullet-proof jacket. There were also reports that the rebels fled with his weapon and some bullets.


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