Embarking on a 1,350 km journey from Odisha, this man instead finds support from Rahul Gandhi

Odisha man walks 1350 km to meet PM Modi


1,350 km journey from Odisha

After 30 year old Muktikant Biswal embarked on 1350 km journey hoping to meet Prime Minister Modi in Delhi to remind him of his unfulfilled promise of a multi speciality hospital in Rourkela in Odisha, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has come to the Odisha man’s rescue.

Blaming PM Modi for breaking his promise of not fulfilling his duty of setting up of a multi-speciality hospital in Rourkela where many have died due to the absence of the multi-speciality, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party will keep the prime minister’s promise for him.

In a Twitter post, Rahul Gandhi said, “The PM promised Rourkela a multi-speciality hospital three years ago. Now, Muktikant Biswal has walked 1,300 km to Delhi because the PM hasn’t kept his promise & people are dying. I assure Mr Biswal: the people of India & the Congress party will keep the PM’s promise for him.”

Odisha man instead finds support from Rahul Gandhi

Muktikant, an idol-maker by profession, started his journey on foot carrying a national flag. He even fainted on the Agra highway and had to be admitted to a hospital.

Muktikant said that in 2015, when PM Modi had visited Odisha, he had promised to upgrade the Ispat General Hospital to a super speciality hospital and to complete the construction of the Brahmani Bridge, but it has been four years and the promises remain unfulfilled.

“I am going to meet the prime minister and request him to fulfill his promise of completing the construction of the Brahmani Bridge, and upgrading Ispat General Hospital in Rourkela to a super speciality hospital,” Muktikant told to media.

He further added, “Ispat General Hospital is the lifeline of Rourkela, but is in such a bad shape that people die there every day. I am hopeful that even though the PM did not fulfill his promise in the last four years, he is going to do something in this year,”

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