Karbi Anglong Lynching incident- Nilotpal and Abhijeet’s DSLR cameras still missing

Nilotpal and Abhijeet’s DSLR cameras still missing


Nilotpal and Abhijeet’s DSLR cameras still missing

Though the main accused in the infamous Karbi Anglong mob lynching incident, Alphajos Timung, has been arrested by Assam Police, two DSLR cameras belonging to Abhijeet and Nilotpal, that could have provided vital information about what exactly happened that faithful night, are still missing.

According to highly placed police sources, both the cameras are still missing at a time when almost everything else belonging to the two youths have been recovered. Even the camera bags are missing along with the extra money cards.

The fact that both the cameras are missing from the spot and have not been recovered even after multiple search operations raises questions whether the two youths recorded or took photos of something that led to the attack on them. It has been reported that the two youths were clicking photos during their trip to Kangthilangso waterfalls.

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Nilotpal and Abhijeet’s DSLR cameras still missing

Sources also added that Alphajos Timung still hasn’t been able to convincingly confirm the real cause as to what had prompted him to instigate the local villagers to kill Abhijeet and Nilotpal. It has been reported that Alphajos purposefully misled the people of Panjuri village by telling them that Abhijeet and Nilotpal are child abductors and they had kidnapped a child from the Kangthilangso area.

According to sources, Alphajos is a local criminal and is known to be involved in numerous anti-social activities near the Kangthilangso area. It is also a fact that various mining activities are going on in the area and some of them are for sure illegal.

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Meanwhile, 65 people have been arrested in total, I connection with the Karbi Anglong lynching incident, 30 of them have been arrested for being directly involved in the attack, some others for uploading videos of the attack on social media while some others for posting hate messages instigating hatred in common people’s hearts.


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