Karbi Anglong lynching: Abhijeet and Nilotpal victims of “Granite Syndicate?”

Abhijeet and Nilotpal


Abhijeet and Nilotpal victims of “Granite Syndicate?”

In another twist to the Karbi Anglong lynching incident, reports have emerged now that Abhijeet and Nilotpal might have become victims of something much bigger than a mob lynching incident under the suspicion of being ‘child abductors’.

It was reported earlier that the DSLR cameras of the two youths were missing from the spot and police have failed to recover them at a time when everything else belonging to the two boys have been recovered. This fact has now raised questions whether they had witnessed or clicked photos of something ‘illegal’ going around in the place and thus were ‘silenced’ under the guise of lynching related to a child abduction rumour.

Abhijeet and Nilotpal victims of “Granite Syndicate?”

Is the pink granite, which is available only in Karbi Anglong, one of the reasons behind the lynching of Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath?

Reports have emerged that the two youths might have become victims of a powerful ‘granite syndicate’ of the area and the main culprit Alphajos Timung who is known to be involved in illegal activities in the area might have connections with the ‘granite syndicate’.

Earlier, Alphajos Timung had admitted of “alerting” the villagers of the Panjuri Kacharigaon in Dokmoka at Karbi Anglong about “child-lifters” following which two Guwahati boys were mercilessly lynched to death by a mob. Timung had stated that he had some argument with the boys near Kangthilangso following which he had called up the villagers.

It is being suspected now that this ‘argument’ was actually an instruction from the ‘granite syndicate’ to ‘handle’ the two youths who might have witnessed illegal activities of the syndicate. The people of the syndicate might have suspected that the two youths are government ‘spies’ rather ‘child abductors’ but since child abduction rumours are doing the rounds in the area, they might have projected it as a child abduction-related lynching and cover up the real motive.

As per reports, mineral resources rich – Karbi Anglong is home to a rare granite. The places near Dokmoka – the site of the crime – like Mohamaya, Centre Bazar, Belughat, Silonijan and Borjuri are home to untapped granite.

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