NRC a death Warrant for Indigenous people of Assam: Assam Sanmilita Mahasangha



NRC a death Warrant for Indigenous people of Assam

Assam Sanmilita Mahasangha (ASM) on Tuesday said that the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) will prove to be a death warrant for the indigenous people of Assam. The Sangha highlighted various points and consequences in support of its continuous stand in support of ‘1951’ as the base year or the cut-off year for the updated NRC.

Matiur Rahman, working president of ASM said, “The second draft of the NRC, which will be published on June 30, will turn out to be a death warrant for the indigenous people of the state. It is said that this NRC will be free of any foreigners’ name, whereas names of 70 lakh Pakistan-Nepali have been already included in the draft as per the 1971 cut-off. This is quite a funny matter.”

He further added, “Following this NRC, the indigenous people will become a minority in their owl land. Names of people belonging to others states, who have settled down in Assam for work purposes between 1951-2017, will also be included in the NRC. Names of these people who migrated to Assam from different parts of India can be included in the voter list but the NRC should include and update only the names of the indigenous people of Assam. 70 lakh Bengali speaking (Hindu-Muslim) people who have illegally come from East Pakistan will also be included in the NRC draft.”

The Mahasangha also raised the question on the role of two member bench led by Justice Ranjan Gogoi for allowing the NRC to be based on 1961 electoral rolls which “includes the names of lakhs of illegal migrants” when on the same day Justice Gogoi had forwarded another case of the Mahasangha regarding the determination of the cut-off date to another five-member bench of the Supreme Court.

It further alleged that by not waiting for the verdict of the five-member bench regarding the cut-off date and allowing the NRC to be updated with 1971 as the cut-off date, the two-member bench led by Justice Gogoi has gone against the traditions of the Indian judiciary. The Mahasangha further added that the final draft NRC going to be published on June 30 is unconstitutional as it has been updated at a time when a vital point regarding the cut-off date still remains in the court. It further hoped that the cut-off year case will be soon taken up by the five-member bench of the Apex Court and a favourable judgment will be given.

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