Students watch out! Your actions might land your Principal in trouble

Students protesting


On Monday, Assam Assembly Act Implementation Committee took a decision that from now on students of school and colleges now will no longer be allowed to stage any protest on the road anymore during the school hours.

Member of the committee, Khumtai MLA Mrinal Saikia informed that since last few months several organizations including AASU has brought in students to stage protest against the Government on several issues, however, the committee has taken up the issue and decided to put an end to the process.

The committee issues a notification stating that participation of any students from both schools and colleges in a dharna or protest will now no longer be allowed during the school hours.

“If the student participation in a protest, strict action will be taken against the principal of the concerned schools or college as per the Service Rule Act,” said MLA Saikia.

It may be mentioned that based on the decision by the committee, a copy of notification was sent to the Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Commissioner and Secretaries on the matter.

Meanwhile, AASU secretary, Luring Gogoi said, “In a democratic country everyone has the right to protest on any matter. Students have their own demands and no one can take away the same from the students’ community.”

Gogoi further mentioned that if this law is implemented then Government should also stop using the schools during their election campaigns.

Furthermore, Government should also stop deploying teachers on Government related works as these hampers the education process in both schools and colleges, asserts Gogoi.

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