SBI go for pest control in ATMs after recent mice menace in Tinsukia SBI ATM

Tinsukia ATM


Mice menace in Tinsukia SBI ATM

After the shocking surgical strike by mice at an ATM at Laipuli under Sijubari outpost in Tinsukia district, India’s largest banker, State Bank of India (SBI), is on a damage control spree.

A colony of mice shredded currency notes worth Rs 12,38,000 in an SBI ATM in Tinsukia. However, notes worth Rs 17,10,000 were left untouched at the ATM.

Surgical Strike by mice at Tinsukia SBI ATM

As per reports, the SBI is now mooting to go for pest control in all the ATMs to combat such kind of rodent menace. The third-party vendors, who are managing the ATMs, will also be sensitized. The bank officials also shared that they are discussing other ways to deal with such menace.

The ATM, where the incident took place, is being operated by a third party, sanctioned by the SBI.

Post the incident, the bank officials also ordered an internal inquiry.

The ATM was not working since May 20, and when technicians came to fix the ATM on June 11, they were shocked to found the notes, mostly of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 denomination shredded by the rats.


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