Rajasthan Labour Dept issues “dress code” | Orders employees not to wear jeans, T-shirt

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Rajasthan Labour Dept issues “dress code”

The Rajasthan Labour Department has courted controversy after it dictated a strict dress code for its employees where none of the employees should be seen wearing ‘indecent dresses’ such as jeans and T-shirt to office.

Labour Commissioner Girriaj Singh Kushwaha issued a circular specifying the dress code on June 21.

No jeans or T-shirt allowed in Rajasthan Labour Department Office

“It is often seen that some officers/employees come to work in jeans, T-shirts and other indecent dresses which is disrespectful and against the dignity of the office. Therefore, it is expected of all the officers and employees that they, while maintaining the dignity of the department, come to office in decent clothes like pants and shirt,” the circular read.

Justifying the circular, the commissioner said, “It is about maintaining office decorum. I have issued similar directions in the past too.” The officer said that he had received no feedback from any employee on the circular.

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