Barak valley indicating of a “probable breaking away from Assam”|Might press for UT status

barak valley

Barak Valley:

Due to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and National Register of Citizens (NRC), the division between the Barak Valley and the Brahmaputra Valley has widened and it would be better if the Barak Valley breaks away from the rest of the state.

This was stated by All Cachar Karimganj Hailakandi Students’ Association founder president Pradip Dutta Roy.

“The bitterness among the people of the Barak and Brahmaputra valleys is increasing day by day. The people of the Barak valley do not want to live with the Brahmaputra Valley anymore. It would be better if the Barak Valley breaks away from Assam,” said Roy, who is also an advocate.

The association will revive the old demand for the creation of a separate Union Territory out of Assam’s Barak valley.

He added, “The separation of the Barak Valley will be better for both the valleys and Assam as a whole. Now, the time has come for us all to join hands, march ahead and raise our voices in unison for the separation of this valley from Assam. The fight will be long, the fight will be tough but we must not give up.”

Roy also mentioned  that only around 35 per cent of the names of the Barak valley citizens were included in the first BRC while around 70 per cent names of the Brahmaputra Valley citizens were included in the first draft of the NRC.

“This has caused a lot of resentment among the general public and organizations in the Barak Valley. We are in touch with several other organisations of the Barak Valley. Right now, our aim is to garner public support and initiate our movement to separate the valley fro Assam, he said.

It may be mentioned that Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi too had stated that the Barak and Brahmaputra valleys are divided over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. The Barak valley has been strongly supporting the Bill and massive protests are going on in the Brahmaputra Valley demanding the immediate withdrawal of the bill.

Roy also claimed that the “Marxist literary critics” of the Brahmaputra valley are acting in a “revenge mode” and are abusing and taunting the Barak Valley people every day.


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