Is he the one who killed both the women in the train toilets?



After examining all the similarities in the modus operandi, Assam Police detained a person identified as Kanak Gogoi, an ex-railway fourth-grade employee, in connection with the sensational twin murders on two trains at Simaluguri and Mariani on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively in Assam.

Gogoi, who is out on bail, is also accused of murdering his wife by choking her with a gamusa and dumping the semi-naked body in a train’s lavatory located in a coach reserved for specially-abled people. This allegedly happened around 10 months ago and Gogoi was arrested for the same and was sent to jail. He had recently come out of jail on bail and was staying at a rented place in Dibrugarh.

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It may be mentioned that two women – 21 year old Radha Kumari and 48 year old Lalima Devi – were also found murdered in the lavatories of trains plying on the same railway route over the last 36 hours and in a similar manner under similar circumstances.

In both the cases, the women were murdered on the same way. Both the women were choked to death with a gamusa, abused and dumped in the lavatories. The semi-naked bodies of both the women bore multiple injury marks. Other than that, the bodies of the three women were recovered from the lavatories of the disabled coaches of the trains.

Similarities in modus operandi have led the Dibrugarh police to suspect that Gogoi may be responsible for both the killings.

Speaking exclusively to media, OC Dibrugarh Sadar Police Station, Sidheswar Borah said, “The murder of his (Gogoi) wife took place last year. The case is still going on at the court. There is a similarity between the three murders – his wife, Radha and Lalima. The Three women were murdered in the same way. Hence, we have picked him up.”

Meanwhile, a team of top officials from Sivasagar arrived in Dibrugarh and are questioning Gogoi in connection with the twin murders. Dibrugarh police also carried out a search operation at Gogoi’s residence in Chiring Chapori, Dibrugarh and seized a mobile phone and an “old gamusa”. Gogoi has been suspended from his service by the railways. It is also said that Gogoi has “mental health issues”.

“I am not aware of anything….I just came with them…let’s see,” said Gogoi while talking to media persons on his way to Dibrugarh Sadar Police Station.

On the other hand, another person has been detained by Tinsukia police on Thursday based on some CCTV visuals, as per reports.

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