Serial killer ‘Bikash’ of Mariani and Sivasagar train rape/murder has deformity in groin, married thrice



Main culprit behind the ‘twin Train rape and Murder case’ of Assam has some deformity in his groin area and had married thrice, all of them unsuccessful in the long run. This has been revealed exclusively to media. Police were trying to understand the psychology behind his brutal acts.

A tea seller by profession, at one point in time, Bikash Das’s real name is Bezmohan Das. Das used to often loiter around the Tinsukia Railway Station and had recently switched to a cloth business. He has been accused in the past of looting train passengers after making them unconscious.

Bolin Deuri, Additional Superintendent of police, Sivasagar said, “Every criminal has a past. He has married thrice but all his wives left him at some point of time. He said he has a severe problem in his groin, some big protrusion is there in his groin area and maybe none of his wives stayed with him long because of that.”

He added, “I believe, the problem with his groin and wives deserting him affected psychologically, He has married a girl from Cachar also though his residence is at Guijan area in Tinsukia. He comes from an extremely poor family, is of Bengali origin and had shifted to Dibrugarh 20 years back. He said that he is suffering from his groin problem for the last two decades.”

One of the wives, perhaps the one who stayed longest with Bikash Das, revealed to a local TV channel that she had no connection with him for the last 7-8 years.

Das has been accused of choking 21 year old girl Radha Kumari, a student of B Sc 5th semester of Assam Agriculture University on July 10. The body of Radha was recovered with several injury marks from the lavatory of the Dibrugarh-Rangia Express when the train had stopped at Simaluguri railway station. On July 11, he reportedly killed 48 year old Lalima Devi in a similar way like Radha. During interrogation, Das told that he was “assisted” by one Bipin Pandey, who was also arrested by Dibrugarh Police on Friday. In both the cases, the victims were raped before being murdered by both the accused.

Deuri said that train ticket of Radha, some ornaments and payal (anklets) belonging to Lalima were recovered from Das’s possession. The recovered items have been confirmed by the family members of the deceased.

“Both Das and Bipin raped both the victims Radha and Lalima after murdering them in the running trains. We are investigating if they had earlier committed any such crime…we might get some leads,” Deuri said.

He added, “We were in a high-level meeting when we got the news of Lalima’s murder. When we examined the modus operandi, we were sure that the crime was committed by the same person/party. We were sure that the person/party were on the hunt and they were searching for their probable victims. We ascertained that it is an act of serial killer.”

Post the heart wrenching killing, a Special Investing Team, comprising of four districts – Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sivasagar and Cahraideo under the leadership of Additional DGP R P Meena was formed.

The vigil in the rail stations following under these districts was intensified. During the investigation, the team faced logistical challenges like lack of CCTVs and lack of CCTV memories.

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