Around 12,000 primary school teachers of Assam write to PM Modi over pending salaries

Primary school teachers delayed salaries


Almost 12,000 primary teachers in Assam have been working without pay for quite a long time and have now decided to write to the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, seeking his intervention for payment of salaries.

The teachers sought Modi’s intervention for payment of salaries not realized after being given appointment by the state government between 1991 and 2001.

Ramen Saikia, general secretary, All Assam Salary Deprived Assistant Teachers Association said, “Teachers in service, retired ones and the families of those who died have sent the letters individually to the Prime Minister seeking his immediate intervention. The Lower and Upper primary school teachers were given the appointment letters by the state government with a proper financial sanction. However, in 2006, they were declared to be appointed illegally.”

Of the total 12,000 primary teachers, 3,000 teachers have claimed to have retired without receiving the salary and 1,100 were dead. He further claimed that another 91 had allegedly committed suicide from 1991 till now.

“Till 1996, the teachers were receiving their salaries regularly. It was stopped midway and again resumed between 2001-2006. But it was stalled again following the illegal appointment declaration by the Assam government,” Saikia said.

He added, “The teachers, however, have been regularly taking classes in the schools without salary till now. In the meantime, they have also acquired necessary qualifying degrees. We have highlighted all these points in the letters addressed to the Prime Minister. We request him to consider our plight.”


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