Shame Shame: Moral Policing again | Woman tied up and beaten by Sonitpur locals

Moral Policing In Sonitpur


It is disheartening and utterly sad to know that people have still not received any lesson from their previous acts of moral policing where many lives have perished. Yet another incident of moral policing has been reported in the state and this time a woman was tied up and brutally beaten up by locals of Sonitpur’s Gotlong for allegedly being involved in anti-social activities.

According to some sources, the woman was caught by a few locals of Gotlong after they suspected the woman of being involved in various anti-social activities. They after that started to beat the woman very badly without informing the police. This went on for hours.

They even tied her on to a pole and ‘tortured’ her for a very long time.

However, after a while some people who were aware that beating up a woman or a person like this was wrong, they informed the police about it.

The police rescued the woman from the locations and initiated an investigation.

However the police have not arrested anyone yet.


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