The Taboo surrounding breast feeding: When will it stop???

breastfeeding mothers

For quite some time now, lactating women have been facing this grievous stigma of being shirked upon breast feeding their little ones in the public place.

With raging controversies over women posting pictures and getting featured on magazine covers, breastfeeding their babies, the question of the hour is what makes society so intolerant towards ‘s something that’s natural. Just as it becomes more important to provide lactating mothers the space and freedom to breastfeed their babies as and when required, mid-day takes a look at the general approach of countries.

In India there is no such law governing breastfeeding; the prevalence varies from region to region. The major problem being lack of awareness. India faces with a cultural conundrum where women are expected to keep their bodies covered. Hence feeding a baby by exposing breasts is considered to be a daring act.

While in Australia breastfeeding is a right under the federal Sex Discrimination Act of 1984.

In UK, the Equality Act of 2010 says treating a woman less favourably just because she is breastfeeding is discrimination.

A Malayalam magazine recently had landed in hot soup after it featured model Gilu Joseph breastfeeding a baby. Kerala HC rejected a petition filed to sue the model and the editor of the magazine, saying it didn’t think that the cover affected ‘society moral fabric’.

This year the swimsuit runway of Sports illustrated featured Mara Martin, mother to a five-month-old girl, walking the ramp while breastfeeding her baby.

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