Adult female Orca seen carrying dead calf for more than 16days | Has left scientists baffled

Orca killer whale calf

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About two weeks ago, a heartbreaking picture of an orca mother carryinger her dead calf tugged on the heartstrings of the internet. After patiently waiting for roughly 17 months, the killer whale gave birth to a baby girl near Victoria, British Columbia. Sadly though, less than an hour after being born, the calf died. Her mother, however, was not ready to let go. She was seen carrying her dead calf on her head for hours. It’s now been 16 days and the orca mother still doesn’t want to say goodbye.

“Maybe this is just her own way of just getting past the loss of another baby. She’s probably lost two more in the past decade. It’s got to be tragic for these animals to lose these babies, and it’s happeneing at a record pace,” senior scientist ken Balcomb, who works at the Centre for Whale Research, which studies the Southern Resident whale population, told BBC.

It’s reportedly not uncommon for killer whale to carry their dead calves for a week or so. However, this mother’s actions have left scientists surprised as well.

“We’ve seen mother whales carry dead babies briefly, for parts of a day. We saw one a few years back for a couple days. But this sets a record,” Mr Balcomb told BBC.

During the first three days of her calf’s death, the orca swam with her pod but carried along her baby’s nealry 400 pound body. 16 days later, the killer whale still hasn’t given up on her baby.

The picture of the Orca and her calf has moved many netizens who have seen the emotional vidoe. The relationship a mother and a child carries even in the animal kingdom is a prove here where the mother has still not gone over the dead of her child.

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