Tinsukia OC Bhaskar Kalita Bullet ridden vest investigation | Report produced by investigation panel



Tinsukia OC Bhaskar Kalita Bullet ridden vest investigation

The one-man inquiry committee on Friday submitted its reprot on the quality of bullet-resistant jacket procured by the Assam Police.

Additional Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna submitted his report to Chief Secretary TY Das.

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The one-man inquiry committee was constituted after Bhaskar Kalita, the officer-in-charge of Bordumsa Police Station was killed during an encounter with the ULFA militants a few months back. Bhaskar died after bullets pierced through the vest during a counter-insurgency operation.

When asked by media about the quality of the bullet-resistant jacket, Krishna refused to divulge the contents of the report and only confirmed that he has submitted the report.

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As per information available, the report will now be referred to the Home Department after which it will be sent to the office of the Chief Minister for  further proceedings.

Bhaskar Kalita, a 35 year old police officer from Guwahati was killed in an encounter with ULFA militants in Assam’s Tinsukia district on May 4. Bhaskar kalita was officer-in-charge of the Bordumasa Police Station in Tinsukia district who led an operation along with his team members against the ULFA militants who were hiding near Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border.

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In the anti-insurgency encounter that occurred, OC Bhaskar Kalita received bullets and died then after. The bullets he received in the encounter had riddled his bullet proof jacket which couldn’t protect him from the bullets. The Bullet proof jacket was then questioned on its quality and why didn’t the jacket did not work as it should have.


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