Shelter house boss rapes 30 girls in Bihar | Rapist found chilling inside the jail after arrest

Brajesh thakur

Bihar :

Brajesh Thakur, the politically-connected man arrested for the rape and torture of more tha 30 girls at a shelter home in Bihar, hasn’t spent much time in prison and probably wasn’t aware of the surprise checks conducted around Independence Day. Or didn’t care. So when a team of district administrators and police officials visited the jail hospital on Saturday, he wasn’t on his bed but in the visitors’ area of the jail.

They were suprisde. So was he.

A quick search led to the seizure of two pages from him. It was a list of names and mobile numbers of 40 people that an administration official syas, indicates he still had been pulling some strings.

The officials did not find a mobile phone on him. He wouldn’t have any. This is why, he had to note down the phone numbers of people he could phone to call in a favour on the two sheets.

On Saturday, CBI Officials questioned Brajesh Thakur’s son and have already called for his medical reports.
Thakur was arrested on June 2, but hasn’t really been interrogated by the police because he was quickly sent ot jail by the judge.

It is here that the doctors, on paper, appear to have discovered that he had ailments which required medical attention. After spending more than two weeks in a hospital outside, he was sent back to the jail hospital.

Officials said it wasn’t still clear howhe had been making the phone calls. If he was using one of the landlines at the jail superitendent’s office of someone’s mobile phone.

Of the 70 days that Thakur has spent in custody, he has spent only five-six days in the Muzaffarpur central prison’s jail cell.

Thakur, whose NGO ran many shelter homes, is one of the 10-odd people arrested for the rape, beatings and torture of girls, some as young as seven, over the past four years.

The girls were drugged, raped, forced to sleep naked and scaled with boiling water by Thakur and his staff, a police charge-sheet has revealed.

Leader of the opposition Tejashwi Yadav is building pressure on Nitish Kumar over this case, wondering why the police never moved the high court to seek Brajesh Thakur’s custodial interrogation. A junior judge had asked the police to question him in the jail.

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