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27 IPS Officers Write to President, Seeks Action Over Breach in PM Modi’s Security in Punjab

Digital Desk: A group of retired IPS officer’s appealed to President Ram Nath Kovind to act quickly in the case of PM Modi’s security breach during his visit to Punjab.

The 27 former Indian Police Service (IPS) officers alleged the state government’s “deliberate and premeditated security violation” in coordination with demonstrators.

In the letter, the group of IPS officers wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind, describing it as “One of the gravest security blunders in the history of this country done by conspiracy and cooperation.”

In the letter, they added, “The protesters blocking the prime minister’s approach was not only a blatant breach of security but a disgraceful open exhibition of state apparatus collaboration with the so-called protestors to embarrass and injure him.”

P C Dogra, a former Punjab DGP, and Praveen Dixit, a former Maharashtra DGP, are among the 27 signatories to the letter.

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They said, “The planned stoppage of the prime minister’s carcade for 15 to 20 minutes on a flyover demonstrates poor law and order in Punjab and threatens our country’s democracy. 

According to protocol, Punjab police were in charge of Modi’s travel and security within the state and to provide a secure passage on all routes.

“We are addressing you because it has never happened that state authorities make one excuse or the other, and there are inconsistent comments even at the chief ministerial level regarding the prime minister’s route.” they mention in the letter.

The former IPS officers noted that it is unclear how the demonstrators learned of the prime minister’s itinerary because the information was only shared with state police authorities.

Taking reference to the media sources, the officers alleged that instead of attempting to remove the demonstrators, police officers were drinking tea, which showed their real intentions.

Further, it said that several comments from various verified Twitter accounts of the Congress party reflect the Punjab government’s intention and irresponsible behaviour, which is dangerous and alarming for the country’s democracy.

Punjab is already a sensitive border state, and terror acts aided by countries on the other side of the border have been reported in the media in the past. With the state’s Assembly elections coming up in a few months, the former IPS officers said it is the state’s responsibility to secure the security of all leaders.


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