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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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’75 years of Independence and yet casteism continues’: Supreme Court

New Delhi: The recent incidents of crimes in the name of caste-motivated violence have shown that casteism continues in India even after 75 years of Independence.

Supreme Court of India has lately stated that it is high time civil society responds and reacts with “firm rejection” concerning the horrible atrocities committed in the name of caste.

When the national leaders talk about scientific development in India, why do such crimes in the name of caste still prevail with such a loud voice?

The apex court passed its judgment on appeals in a 1991 Uttar Pradesh honour killing case. Three persons, including a woman, were killed in the state.

The court further stated it had issued various directions to officials to take effective steps to prevent honour killings.

The bench stated one of the main reasons observers turn hostile is that the state does not give them proper security. It is a “harsh reality”, particularly in cases where the accused are powerful and are proposed for cruel offenses. They make efforts to terrorize or threaten spectators, the bench remarked.

When the entire world is moving towards development and liberal thoughts, there are states in India that still pilled up court files on honour killings.

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UP is going to be the first state in India to have five international airports. The state will soon have the prominent film city. Recently, UP has received the best state award for film shooting. When so much recognition surrounds a state, it feels depressing to see the underlying crimes in the name of casteism.

There are different cremation grounds in UP for Dalits and different grounds for other high-class castes. Even after death, casteism prevails.

Lately, family members murdered a young couple in UP apparently in a case of honour killing by the girl’s family. The woman’s family members were against their relationship.

Also, the brutal killing of four members of a Dalit family in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj district over a land dispute sparked protests in the region on Friday. However, police have not taken an essential look up into this incident.

India is a land of diversity in unity. In such a scenario, heading up and looking at such heinous crimes on women and caste-based aspects seem tragic. Citizens of the nation should raise their voices against such crimes. 



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