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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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8 dead, several injured after stampede at US music festival

Washington D.C.: At least eight people have been confirmed dead and several others injured at the Astroworld Festival in Texas. There was a massive crowd during Travis Scott’s Friday performance. The rapper had to himself ask his security personnel to manage the crowd that was swelling up at the entrance gate.

The incident began at around 9 o’clock last night when “the crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage” which caused some panic and it started causing some injuries, people began to fall out, become unconscious and it created additional panic.

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Some 300 people were treated for injuries such as cuts and bruises at the event, attended by 50,000 people.

Local politician Lina Hidalgo, county judge of Harris County, described what had happened as an “extremely tragic night”.

“Our hearts are broken,” she said. “People go to these events looking for a good time, a chance to unwind, to make memories – it’s not the kind of event you go to where you expect to find out about fatalities.”

Amateur video from the concert appears to show fans jumping on an emergency vehicle in the crowd as the performance continues on stage.

Organisers halted the event when it was apparent that many people had been hurt, but the sheer scale of the casualties quickly overwhelmed the existing medical facilities, the fire chief added.



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