• A true fighter: 7 year old girl sells lemonade to fund her own brain surgery


    Washington D.C.: Liza Scott is a bubbly, full of life, seven year old who sold lemonade at her mother’s bakery last summer, so that she could purchase toys and shoes. This year too, Liza is engaged in her lemonade stand at her mother’s bakery, but for a different purpose – to fund her own brain surgery.

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    Liza's mother Elizabeth said that doctors determined a series of seizures that she began suffering were caused by cerebral malformations that needed repair, Associated Press reports. The little girl, who is always eager to help out, volunteered to help raise money for her upcoming operation.

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    Liza's stall is located near the cash register of Savage's Bakery in suburban Birmingham. She offers lemonade for a quarter apart from other treats. People, however, are putting in a lot more as word spreads of her medical condition and her attitude.

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    Liza was still in the hospital after suffering two major seizures when she came up with the idea to help out with the stand, her mother said.

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