• Best news amid covid rise: Covid second wave severe in India but with 1.12% death rate and 99% recov


    New Delhi: With images of Covid-19 causing a rampage across the country, visuals splashed over TV screens, newspapers and social media, patients waiting in long queues, gasping for breath due to shortage of oxygen supply, the year 2021 is no better than 2020.

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    What may not be reaching you in the absence of imagery is that thousands of people are going home every day from Covid-19 care centres, and hundreds are getting oxygen supplement in hospitals.

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    The death rate in India for Covid-19 despite a very strong surge in the second wave of the pandemic is a little over one per cent. This means almost 99 per cent of Covid-19 patients are recovering and surviving the menacing illness caused by several variants of SARS-CoV-2 -- the novel coronavirus behind this pandemic. Times are tough but this still is the best news in an utterly bad Covid-19 situation.

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