• Doggo inherits $5 million after millionaire owner dies


    Tennessee: Lulu, an 8 year old canine will now on be living life “King Size” literally after inheriting $5 million from his deceased owner. The owner identified as Bill Dorris, who left a will, mentioned his dog’s name as the sole inheritor of his million properties.

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    The will left behind by Bill Dorris states the money should be put into a trust for Lulu’s care. It allows Lulu’s caretaker Martha Burton for reimbursement for reasonable monthly expenses in the care of Lulu.

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    “He just really loved the dog,” said Burton, who was friends with Dorris and would take care of the dog when he traveled.

    She says she doesn't know if she could ever spend $5 million on Lulu.

    “Well, I’d like to try," she said with a smile.

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    Dorris owned land along Interstate 65 where a controversial statue of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest is located. The fate of the statue and the rest of the estate may be determined in probate court, the news outlet reported.

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