• Hijab Row: Muskaan Khan gets iPhone & Smart Watch from Mumbai MLA

      Digital Desk: Karnataka college student Muskaan Khan, who faced a crowd by shouting “Allah hu Akbar” during anti-hijab protests, is still in the headlines. On Friday, Zeeshan Siddique, a Congress MLA from Mumbai’s Bandra, travelled from Maharashtra to visit Muskan’s home in Mandya. The MLA praised her “courage,” assured his support, and presented her an iPhone and a smartwatch. “I travelled such a long distance to meet the courageous young woman from our community. I applaud her for her bravery.” the Congress MLA said. “The entire state of Karnataka, as well as the entire country, is proud of her for what she has done. She has demonstrated the true power of a woman. After witnessing her bold act, other women who are being pressured, harassed, or who are being treated unfairly can also stand up to such act.” he asserted. He went on to say that her action against the zaalims (cruel people) was admirable. “The constitution protects the right to wear a hijab. One can dress in anything she wants. You don’t like her hijab or with the fact that she’s getting an education, do you?” the Congress MLA said. “Muskaan has a legion of brothers fighting for her right to wear the hijab. After seeing her family, I was overjoyed,” he added. Muskaan Khan, a student at PES College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mandya district, was allegedly attacked by a group of classmates for wearing a ‘burka’ on campus. While surrounding and following her, the gathering chanted “Jai Sriram; in response to them, Muskan addressed the gathering with the slogan ‘Allah hu Akbar’. On social media, the video has gone viral. Afterwards, the authorities securely escorted her inside the classroom. Muskaan later indicated that she would follow the court’s order and thanked the college officials. Meanwhile, several Muslim organizations have offered her a cash prize for her actions. However, a complaint has been filed in connection with Muskaan’s cash prize announcement.

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