• Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Slams Former VP Ansari for 'Hindu Nationalism' Remark

      Digital Desk: Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has slammed former Vice President of India Hamid Ansari for criticizing India's democracy on Thursday. In response to Ansari's statement, Naqvi stated that the "Crazy for Prime Minister Narendra Modi bashing is evolving into a conspiracy for India bashing." "You can expect similar voices if one goes into India bashing while criticizing Modi... People who used to exploit minority votes are now concerned about the country's current scenario." he stated. Ansari, who served as Vice President (2007-2017) and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha before stepping down on August 10, 2017, criticized India's democracy during a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Indian American Muslim Council on Wednesday. Ansari expressed alarm over the expansion of Hindu nationalism in India, saying, "In recent years, we've seen the formation of tendencies and behaviour that challenge the well-established principle of civic nationalism in favour of a new and fictitious cultural nationalism. It aspires to separate citizens based on their religious beliefs, to foster intolerance, to infer otherness, and to create a sense of unease and insecurity." The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) also condemned Ansari's remarks. VHP spokesperson, Vinod Bansal, stated, "Why do people like Hamid Ansari collapse as soon as they leave their constitutional positions? When they come into contact with organizations like PFI and IAMC, why does the Jihadi Islam within them take over?"

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