• No lockdown in Telangana says CM KCR


    Hyderabad: Telangana CM KCR, on Friday, said that lockdown is not a solution to reduce coronavirus spread. Even though lockdown has been imposed, the cases are still rising.

    CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, on Friday, refused to impose lockdown stating such a step will affect revenues, collapse businesses and deprive people of their daily income and livelihood.

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    “Self-discipline and self-control are the only solutions to contain the spread of coronavirus in the State. People must wear masks, sanitize their hands, and maintain physical distancing to prevent the Covid spread,” he said.

    KCR spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday about the accumulation of vaccines, oxygen, and Remdesivir drug, urging the PM to facilitate the supplies immediately. He also brought to Modi’s notice that oxygen allocated to Telangana from Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu) and Bellary (Karnataka) had not arrived yet.

    “There is no use of imposing lockdown. 25 to 30 Lakh workers from other states are working here. We have seen how their lives were adversely impacted by the lockdown during the first wave,” the Telangana Chief Minister said.

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    The Chief Minister further said that the allocation of 440 MT of oxygen to the state per day should be bumped up to 500 MT per day, and the stock of Remdesivir provided should be increased to 25,000 from the current 4,900.


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