• Optical Illusion – Spot the cat in the picture


    Guwahati: The internet is filled with many mind games such as optical illusions, puzzles, spot the difference etc so as to engage people during their leisure time. People have stared at them, scratching their heads most of the time. Optical illusions have left many in bewilderment, also equally praising the photographers, painters for their awe-inspiring pictures and images.

    The latest edition to the spot this pictures is a photo of a cat hiding in plain sight. The image features a window and a pink wall with red paint splashed on it.

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    It is not known when and where the picture was clicked.

    "There’s a cat in this picture..," the photo is captioned.

    Wait a minute; did you spot the cat?

    Where is the cat?

    The photo is being circulated on social media. It has garnered more than 4,600 likes. While some netizens had a hard time finding the cat, others couldn't spot it even after multiple attempts.

    One user said, "I'm always leery clicking on pictures like this. I always think it is a trick and a huge monster or spider is going to pop up!" Another wrote, "That's a weird one. Paint it black?"

    A third user commented, "I [see] it. It is looking right at me." Someone posted, "Took me a while..." Yet another added, "I still can't find it!!!"

    If you are still zooming in the picture to find the cat, look closely at the bottom of the right window. The cat is right there staring at you.

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