• President of China Xi Jinping conveys concern towards India’s Covid-19 situation


    Beijing: In a message to Narendra Modi, President of China Xi Jinping on Friday said that China is ready to provide help to India against Covid19 situations. Moreover, the Chinese President also expresses his condolences on the current situation of Covid-19 in India.

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    According to official news agency Xinhua, the President said “China is willing to strengthen anti-pandemic cooperation with India, and will provide support and help to the country.” The Chinese president also added that through solidarity, unity and cooperation the nations of the world can finally overcome this pandemic.

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    It has also been informed by the Chinese foreign ministry that china has exported more than 3,800 tones of medical supplies and over 26,000 ventilators to India in April to fight against the outbreak of covid19 situations.

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    Further, the president added “China is ready to strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation with India and provide support and assistance to India. I am confident that under the leadership of the Indian government, the people of India will be able to overcome the epidemic.”

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